Social Equity Concepts

Part 1: Key Social Equity Concepts and Background

“Equality” in processes would mean giving the same support to all individuals, overlooking their specific needs; “Equity” in processes would mean providing different support to differenti individuals based on their needs to reach a fair outcome. Image: Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

This guide focuses on various aspects of social inequity, including but not limited to those stemming from genderclasscaste, ethnicity/race/indigeneity, age, educational status, geographic location, migrant status, disability, or religion. We give special attention to gender inequity, given the pervasive nature of the issue across sectors and locations and within socioeconomic groups, and its tendency to be sidelined or ignored in the broader conversation on social equity.

Social equity issues vary depending on the social, economic, and political contexts of cities, and approaches to address these issues should be adapted by decision makers accordingly.


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