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Forests and Wetlands Are Water Infrastructure. New Green Bond Helps Finance Their Protection

East Africa’s Kariba Dam is almost empty due to diminishing rains. In Brazil, Sao Paulo’s reservoirs were reduced to dried mud three years ago, and experts say the city is heading toward another […]

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We're Grossly Underestimating the World's Water Access Crisis

In Cape Town, South Africa, and Chennai, India, “Day Zero” events where cities run out of water have drawn global media attention. But while these catastrophes seem like rare, […]

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Vienna’s green and free spaces grow

Integrating forests and trees in urban development is a top priority for the city of Vienna. In fact one could say that they have been at the […]


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Community Climate Action: From Global To Local Reforestation

5 December 2019


Madrid, Spain

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60 cities have joined #Cities4Forests

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