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Rui'an City On National Tree Day

Every year on 12 March, China celebrates its National Tree-Planting Day, a tradition that can be traced back to 1915. This year, China representative for REVOLVE and […]

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Forests Near or Far Can Protect Water for Cities

Water is essential to human health and well-being. In cities, leaders strive to provide secure access to clean, safe and affordable water. In rural areas, farmers hope […]

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Ya’axtal, the Green Lungs of Mérida

In 2019 Mérida’s mayor, Renán Barrera Concha, set in motion an environmental initiative called Ya’axtal (“regreen” in Mérida’s local Mayan dialect) to connect the parks and public spaces across […]


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UN Convention On Biological Diversity

11 - 24 October 2021


Kunming, Yunnam Province, China

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