Rio de Janiero, Brazil, taken from the top of the mountain with the city nestled between bodies of water.

The State of the Art of Natural Water Infrastructure

Brazil’s cities are already feeling the impacts of climate change. Many of them have faced severe water crises in the past decade, and increased temperatures from climate change are making droughts more frequent and intense. In the face of these realities, natural infrastructure can play a crucial role in improving both water quality and quantity throughout the country.  

This report summarizes analyses on the value of natural infrastructure for water in five cities. These analyses found that each city — São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Vitória, Campinas, and Belo Horizonte — would see both water and economic benefits through greater use of natural infrastructure targeted areas.    

The full reports for all five cities are also available below.

Authored By

Rafael Feltran-Barbieri, Luciana Alves