Natural Infrastructure for Water in Campinas (SP) and Region

Natural infrastructure can be a vital addition to water systems. They can make these systems more resilient, effective, and cost-effective to maintain. With the right data, decision-makers can develop informed strategies for how to integrate natural infrastructure into their water systems. 

This report explores the costs and benefits of natural infrastructure in the Metropolitan Region of Campinas and the upstream municipalities in the Atibaia River Basin. The report specifically looks at how natural infrastructure can control sedimentation in the water supply, improving both water quality and water flow.  

In a pioneering shift toward climate resilience, Campinas, Brazil has formally recognized and prioritized nature-based solutions in its 2023 revised municipal environmental plan, an achievement accomplished through close collaboration with Cities4Forests.

Authored by:

Vitor Tramontin, Rafael Feltran-Barbieri, Leonardo Barbosa, Mariana Oliveira, Marcelo M. Matsumoto, Lara Caccia, Luciana Alves, Roberto Rüsche, Victor Ferraz, Diogo Meneses Costa, Sophia Picarelli