Emission Reduction and Sequestration Initiative (EMISI)

Emission Reduction and Sequestration Initiative (EMISI)

A crowdfunding platform for forests and climate action in Indonesia.

The EMISI platform helps Indonesian citizens and organizations directly support and affirm the country’s climate change mitigation goals. The project offers a tool for users to be more aware of their greenhouse gas emissions through daily choices, such as transportation, food consumption, fashion, waste, and electronic use, and encourage them to offset their emissions through tree-planting programs all over the country.


Indonesia is one of the world’s largest emitters of greenhouse gases. The conversion of its tropical rainforests, carbon-rich peat lands and coastal areas into agricultural fields and its energy sector’s dependence on coal and fossil fuels continue to be the country’s main sources of emissions. The Indonesian government has made an encouraging commitment to reduce its emissions by 29% against the 2030 business-as-usual scenario, or more with international assistance. However, the country still faces challenges protecting its forests as it works towards energy and food security, which will be an essential part of achieving the nation’s climate goals.

Project Description

The app, developed with assistance from Cities4Forests and WRI Indonesia, calculates an individual’s or organization’s emissions sources, such as transportation, food consumption, fashion, waste, and electronic use. It then offers options to reduce their emissions through environment-friendly alternatives or to offset emissions through tree-planting. The initiative partners with local and international organizations with tree planting or carbon offset projects across Indonesia.