Accelerating Nature-Based Solutions

Cities are increasingly recognizing the benefits of nature-based solutions. Nature can provide a cost-effective tool to address many of a city’s challenges, from water security to climate change adaptation, to food security, to disaster risk management and much more. However, these solutions are still not being implemented at the pace or scale necessary, often due to lack of knowledge, lack of funding, and lack of political support.

Cities4Forests’ Nature-Based Solutions Accelerators are designed to accelerate the implementation of these solutions in cities across the world. Our experts work with a cohort of local project developers to identify problems that nature-based solutions can address, provide technical assistance and support to design projects, and help developers get their projects pitch-ready for funders and investors. The Accelerators build on the early success of projects like the CityFixLabs and Pocketlabs, and are currently active in three cities.

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