Nature-Based Solutions in Sub-Saharan Africa

Nature-Based Solutions Accelerator in Brazil

Transforming ideas into bankable projects for resilient and inclusive Brazilian cities

The Nature-Based Solutions Accelerator in Brazil aims to speed up progress on developing, financing, and implementing sustainable urban projects in Brazilian cities. In the process, the Accelerator aims to increase social inclusiveness and resilience in Brazilian cities through sustainable investment.


Cities in Brazil remain vulnerable to present and future shocks, such as climate change and inequities from urbanization. As of 2021, 87% of Brazilians make their home in urban centers, many of whom live in informal settlements and struggle to access adequate support from their local governments. Resilient cities can absorb, recover from and prepare for environmental, economic and social shocks. Brazil has a way to go — only 30.6% of its local governments adopt and implement strategies for disaster risk reduction.

Nature-based solutions can make a difference in Brazil, as they are cost-effective, innovative and efficient ways to make cities more resilient and inclusive as they mitigate disaster risks. Experts have observed a lack of well-designed projects in Brazil, resulting in a scarcity of bankable solutions to address its cities’ vulnerability and social inequality.

Project Description

In 2022, the Accelerator launched the first Brazilian mentoring and training program for nature-based solutions. Ten innovative and potentially impactful early-stage nature-based solutions projects were selected and announced in November 2022, and the winning teams have since received training on developing a project’s financial and technical plans. Training focuses on nature-based solutions techniques; cash flow, income and expenses; business models, impacts and risks; financial instruments and sources of funding; legal structuring and governance; and pitching and action plans. To give the innovations the best chances of raising funds, the teams receive access to a community of experts, are connected with potential funders, and are promoted by WRI Brasil.