Urban Forestry Toolkit

Urban Forestry Toolkit

Developed by: Vibrant Cities Lab & USDA Forest Service

Launched in 2017; Updated on a regular basis

Why Use the Tool

The Vibrant Cities Lab and USDA Forest Service partnered to create the Urban Forestry Toolkit, which provides a step-by-step guide to planning and implementing an urban forestry project. With 17 steps highlighting different impact areas, the toolkit covers everything from financing to community partnerships to long-term program evaluation. It also showcases relevant research and case studies on topics such as human health, water quality, and equity, among others. The toolkit is intended for use by policy-makers, urban planners, advocates, and beyond.

Recommended Tool

Larry Wiseman, Co-creator and Content Developer of Vibrant Cities Lab: ldwiseman@gmail.com

General questions: urban@fs.fed.us


Offers strategies and opportunities, as well as directions for conducting work such as a street tree inventory, urban forestry management plan, and more

Past Use Cases

Tested in many U.S. cities.

Supporting Partners: American Forests & National Association of Regional Councils