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The Atlas

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Launched in 2013; Updated on a regular basis

Why Use the Tool

The Atlas provides a platform for information exchange and innovation, helping connect cites around the globe. Cities can share success stories related to urban forestry and other green infrastructure projects, compare projects by budget, or learn from others’ examples. The Atlas also offers project support to cities and a procurement toolkit for finding local vendors.

Recommended Tool

Ellory Monks, Co-Founder of The Atlas:

Input Data Required

None; but cities can share their success stories to get the most out of the platform


Offers local vendor procurement plan and additional information and connections from other cities, as well as potential contractors

Past Use Cases

Examples from across the United States and Canada.

Case Study

Learning how Green Infrastructure Innovations Support Stormwater Management

Cities have long struggled with stormwater management. Green infrastructure presents a new opportunity to reduce pressure on sewers and increase local water quality. Yet, it can be challenging to find out how cities are implementing green infrastructure in their municipalities. The Atlas brings together 160 partner cities to share case studies on how cities are approaching these kinds of challenges.

On green infrastructure, cities can read about a variety of new stories, such as:

These stories oer information on the problem addressed, the solutions, the outcomes, and the unique angle of each story. Moreover, information is provided on the project status, cost, government champion, and contact partner. The Atlas estimates that uploading a case study takes 15-20 minutes, a relatively small commitment for a city compared to sending a project manager to present on the work at a conference. The site already contains over 400 case studies, most based in U.S. cities.

The Atlas looks to encourage conversations between dierent cities with similar goals and between cities and implementation partners. They measure success based on the number of connections facilitated through their platform.


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