Green Infrastructure Modeling Toolkit

Green Infrastructure Modeling Toolkit

Developed by: U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Launched in 2016; Updated on a regular basis

Why Use the Tool

The Green Infrastructure Modeling Toolkit offers innovative models, tools, and technologies for communities to manage water runoff in urban and other environments. The toolkit incorporates a combination of green and gray infrastructure practices to help communities manage their water resources in a more sustainable way, increasing resilience to future changes. A variety of tools are hosted here, including the Storm Water Management Model, which supports users globally to plan, analyze, and design stormwater-related systems.

Recommended Tool

Michelle Latham, EPA:


Hydraulic model of runoff; pollutant load estimate, map of flood plains and flood control, stormwater adjustments based on projected climate changes

Past Use Cases

Use cases primarily from the United States, such as this one on the Minnehaha Creek Watershed. Read more here.