Michael Southwood

Faraway Forests Researcher, Pilot Projects

Michael is a Cities4Forests researcher in Pilot Projects Design Collective’s Far Forests Program. His work involves exploring, developing and communicating sustainable forestry practices and urban planning strategies. Michael’s work focuses on the Sustainable Wood for Cities guide, and Partner Forest Program, both aimed to engage cities in activities that better conserve, manage, and restore our global forests and their related systems.

Michael is a recent graduate with a Master’s in Planning and Sustainable Development from University College Cork in Ireland, and a B.A. in Urban Planning Specialization from Concordia University in Montreal, Canada. Michael has experience working as a planner in both Ireland and Canada, which gives him a unique outlook on spatial planning. His childhood spent in post-apartheid South Africa also defined a lot of Michael’s academic interests as he sought to better understand the country that he so deeply loves.

Michael is an outdoors enthusiast who enjoys woodworking, drawing, and growing his own food. He also loves to grow gourmet mushrooms and is keen to share that passion with others.