Team Biography

Magdala Arioli

Urban Financing and Economics Coordinator, WRI Brasil

Magdala is the Urban Financing and Economics Coordinator for the WRI Brasil Cities Program. She works on projects to amplify and channel financing to promote sustainable and inclusive cities in Brazil. She leads the Network for Financing Sustainable Infrastructure in Cities (FISC) that promotes discussions on the barriers and opportunities for green and climate financing of urban infrastructure in Brazil. She is also currently leading the Nature-Based Solutions Accelerator for Cities in Brazil.

Magdala has 12+ years of experience working with cities and climate change, promoting strategies and actions aligned with the Paris Agreement and the Sustainable Development Goals. She has worked on several projects related to climate funding, nature-based solutions, urban resilience, GHG emissions inventory, transport externalities costs, and building efficiency.

She has an outstanding academic background. She graduated in Industrial Engineering with honors at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, where she also received a Masters and Doctor in Science degrees in Engineering focused on urban mobility and climate change.