Team Biography

Bergita Gusti Lipu

Research Assistant, WRI Indonesia

Bergita Gusti Lipu is a Research Assistant at WRI Indonesia. While working with Cities4Forests, she’s assisted in the development of a greenhouse gas inventory from forests and trees outside forests, green open space, and tree inventories. She also joined and supported a location analysis of potential expansion of a low-emission zone in Jakarta, and empowered youth to proactively contribute to policy design to achieve safe and sound urban environments for youth in Bandung.

Prior to joining WRI Indonesia, she has worked on several projects with individual consultants and public sector organizations. In her last project with the Indonesian Ministry of Agriculture, she traveled to pilot cities to map and collect data on plantation commodities such as coffee, coconut, and cocoa. She is enthusiastic about issues related to sustainability, climate change, renewable energy, and public policy. Bergita graduated from Universitas Gadjah Mada majoring in Regional Development, Faculty of Geography. In her leisure time, she likes to cook recipes from YouTube, garden, and socialize.