Team Biography

Amanda Gcanga

Country Lead: Urban Water Resilience and Senior Urban Policy Analyst, World Resources Institute

Amanda Gcanga is a Country Lead for the Urban Water Resilience Initiative and a Senior Urban Policy Analyst working with WRI teams in Africa and the headquarters. She also oversees all WRI Cities related initiates in South Africa, including climate action and Just Energy Transition.

In her capacity as a policy analyst, she plays a central role in liaising with key stakeholders at the national government and local government level to create conducive ground for WRI’s support on urban development policies, providing technical support to key partners and identification of WRI’s policy-level interventions in Africa. As a Country Lead, she guides the implementation of the Urban Water Resilience initiative in South Africa, including the identification of strategic intervention and collaboration areas for WRI’s work in cities.

Amanda has experience in water governance as a practitioner and a researcher. Prior to joining WRI, Amanda headed a water program at the Western Cape Economic Development Partnership based in Cape Town, South Africa. Before joining the Western Cape Economic Development Partnership, she co-led water governance projects with the Water Institute of Stellenbosch University, Wageningen University and Research, and the Centre for Water and Sanitation Research.

Amanda holds a master’s degree in international Land and Water Management at Wageningen University in the Netherlands.