Team Biography

Alemakef Tassew

Urban Development Project Specialist, World Resources Institute

Alemakef Tassew is an Urban Development Project Specialist at World Resources Institute. He manages the implementation of Cities4Forests, nature-based solutions, and other urban development programs in WRI Africa through project coordination, research, and facilitating stakeholders’ engagement. 

Prior to joining WRI, Alemakef worked as the Urban Slum Upgrading Project Manager for Habitat for Humanity International in Ethiopia and was responsible for designing and implementing urban slum upgrading projects and strategies, including urban planning and development; water, sanitation, and hygiene; construction technology; and housing support services. Previously, he worked for the Ministry of Urban Development, Housing, and Construction as the Urban Research and Development Director. He also worked for the Central Statistical Agency as a statistician and GIS expert. 

Alemakef holds a first degree in Geography, an MA degree in Urban Development and Management, and an MSC degree in Environmental Science. Along with the degrees, he possesses a professional license in environmental impact assessment from the Ministry of Environment, Forestry, and Climate Change of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia.