Parkop vows to address effects of climate change

NATIONAL Capital District Governor Powes Parkop has pledged Port Moresby’s commitment behind addressing the effects of climate change with the signing of the Cities4Forests coalition and its call to action on forests and climate. The signing took place at the Port Moresby Nature Park on Tuesday. According to a statement from the Port Moresby Nature Park, the Cities4Forests “Call to action on forests and climate” (referred to as the “Call to action”) was a high-level declaration to be launched by Cities4Forests’ 65 member cities to urge governments (national and subnational), companies and financial institutions to “urgently ramp up policies and investments to support forest conservation, restoration and sustainable forest management. Cities4Forests supports cities around the globe to recognise their interdependence with the world’s forests, and use their own political, economic, and cultural power to protect and manage those forests for human wellbeing. Parkop said Port Moresby was the capital of a nation rich in tropical forests, which were crucial for protecting its communities and the world from climate change. “We are taking action to help protect these forests, but we need the support of governments, businesses and financial institutions to set forest-friendly policies and provide financing,” he said. “That is why, ahead of World Environment Day (June 5), I am joining other Cities4Forests members in signing the ‘Call to action on forests and climate’ as our forests are also the world’s forests and they need our help.” Read more | source: