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We are partnering with great gatherings around the world committed to improve forest management and climate resilience in cities. To advance climate action, Cities4Forests contributes to a growing network of global, regional and local events by sharing knowledge about forests and their coexistence with cities.

  • 13 September 2018
  • 21 March 2019
  • 1-5 April 2019
  • 22-24 May 2019
  • 25-30 August 2019
  • Global Climate Action Summit

    13 September 2018
    San Francisco, USA

    Cities4Forests was launched at #GCAS18 with 50 founding cities across 6 continents pledging to better conserve, manage,
    and restore forests around the world.

  • Integrating Green And Gray: Creating Next Generation Infrastructure Report Launch

    21 March 2019
    4:00 PM – 5:30 PM EDT Washington, DC

    At this event, the World Bank and WRI will launch a new report, Integrating Green and Gray: Creating Next Generation Infrastructure, which explores how nature can act as infrastructure to help meet development and climate goals.

  • 6th Mediterranean Forests Week

    1-5 April 2019
    Beirut, Lebanon

    The role of social innovation: the reconfiguring of social practices in response to societal challenges that seek to enhance the outcomes on societal well-being and necessarily include the engagement of civil society actors.

  • Urban-future

    22 – 24 May 2019
    Oslo | Norway

    Cities4Forests is joining #UFGC19 to bring together the member cities to discuss the role of forests and cities in advancing climate action. The convening will include an opening presentation by the Cities4Forests Secretariat around the main benefits and goals of the platform, followed by short presentations by respective cities on their projects and targets, and an open discussion around areas of convergence and cooperation to more results-oriented actions on the ground.

  • World Water Week

    25-30 August 2019
    Stockholm  | Sweden

    This event will share insights gained from Cities4Forests on the implication of trees and forests for water at three scales: inner forests which regulate stormwater and reduce flooding risk, nearby forests which ensure the downstream provision of clean drinking water, and faraway forests which produce rainfall for the world’s farm belts.

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