Cities Summit of the Americas: Building Resilience with Nature in Cities

As cities expand to accommodate growing populations, this development intensifies the strain on natural resources, ecosystems, and the climate. But what if urban development did not have […]

How Communities Can Inventory GHG Emissions and Removals from Forests and Trees

Despite international enthusiasm for nature-based climate solutions, many local greenhouse gas (GHG) inventories have not included forests and trees due to lack of guidance and complexity around […]

A City-Led Call to Action on Forests and Climate

This virtual event at Climate Week NYC will feature the launch of the Cities4Forests “Call to Action on Forests and Climate”, a declaration urging governments, companies, and […]

#ForestChallenge Goes To China

On 24 April 2021, Cities4Forests made an appearance at the 2050 Conference in Yunqi Cloud Town, Hangzhou, China. The conference, under the overarching slogan of “Tech Brings […]

UN Climate Change Conference - COP26

The UN Climate Summit (COP26) will bring parties together to accelerate action towards the goals of the Paris Agreement and the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change. […]

Cities4Forests Day

In the context of the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration and in the lead-up to the UN International Day of Forests on 18

Vote For a Forest-Friendly Brooklyn Bridge by 30 July

Cities4Forests’ Brooklyn Bridge Forest proposal was selected as a finalist for Reimagining Brooklyn Bridge – an international design competition to make the famous bridge safer, more accessible, […]

World Environment Day | 2020

This #WorldEnvironmentDay, UNEP & Cities4Forests are calling on cities to ACT #ForNature Cities house the majority of people living on the planet today, and consume around 75% of natural [...]

Impact City-Forest Financing

Thursday 4 June 2020 | 4pm CET Discovering the City Finance Lab and the Northern Gateway project in Greater Manchester. Learn more about inspiring financing mechanisms that [...]