“Heathy trees are critical both in our city for air quality and shade, as well as necessary for our drinking water quality in our nearby watershed. Our urban and watershed forests have experienced severe challenges this year, with damage from a winter ice storm, preceded by late summer wildfire. This makes it even more important to restore and care for our trees into the future.”
—Chuck Bennett, Mayor, City of Salem, OR, United States

Success Story

Over the last ten years Salem’s tree canopy increased by six percent, to 24 percent, and exceeded our previous goal of 23 percent. Over that time period all neighborhoods throughout the city gained canopy. To continue our efforts, the new city canopy goal is 28 percent by 2030. We have also expanded the variety of street trees planted to ensure they will be diverse and resilient to climate change.

Salem’s trees provide $80 million in total annual benefits, including air quality, stormwater, and carbon sequestration. Our tree planting efforts will continue to focus on low canopy neighborhoods within the City, so that everyone across the community will reap the benefits trees provide.

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