Port Moresby

Port Moresby takes on urban tree planting and seeks to raise international awareness about Papua New Guinea’s forest legacy.

“I am proud to represent the city of Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea in signing the Cities4Forests Call to Action on Forests and Climate. Port Moresby is the capital of a nation rich in tropical forests, which are among the most significant in the world for carbon storage, water supply, biodiversity and importance to forest-dependent communities.”
—Powes Parkop, Governor, Port Moresby

Success Story

Port Moresby is doing its part to adopt nature-based solutions by conducting an ambitious program of urban tree planting in the city. The city is also supporting the 30-acre Port Moresby Nature Park, which hosts more than 550 native animals and hundreds of plant species. Port Moresby is raising attention internationally on the importance of Papua New Guinea’s forest legacy and the need for stronger policies and financing for forest conservation.

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