A Signatory of the Cities4Forests Call to Action

Nature-based solutions remain at the center of Hermosillo’s urban planning framework.

“Efforts to improve our city must be comprehensive, including the provision of natural spaces for the benefit and enjoyment of every family. But restoring nature is not the exclusive responsibility of cities. That is why Hermosillo is joining this global call for action. We must bring together efforts and transform our relationship with the environment.”
—Celida Teresa López Cárdenas, Municipal President, Hermosillo, Mexico

Success Story

Hermosillo, Mexico stands out due to its success implementing innovative actions in support of green infrastructure and nature-based solutions. The city developed and approved a manual, a technical code and a vegetation catalog, all of which position green infrastructure and nature-based solutions at the center of the city’s urban planning framework. In addition, with support from Cities4Forests, the city is currently advancing financing opportunities based on land value capital to channel funds toward restoration and the implementation of green infrastructure in the city’s main geographical landmark, Cerro de la Campana (The Bell Hill), as well as in the city’s historic center.

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