Guadalajara proudly supports the Cities4Forests “Call to Action on Forests and Climate” and is committed to continuing to advance programs and policies that support healthy forests and resilient cities.

“Policies that build a more sustainable world are no longer an option but an obligation for all levels of government. To realize such a world, governments must integrate new perspectives on urbanization, public spaces, basic services and transportation, as well as how each of these relate to the environment. Most importantly, governments must ensure that citizens are the leading actors of public policies. In the last six years, we have continued to better understand the need to work together to build a new reality founded on resilient and environmentally friendly cities. Although this responsibility belongs to the government, realizing a more sustainable future will not be possible without the cooperation and collaboration of all members of society. It is time to be more aware about how to care and protect our common home.”
—Municipal President of Guadalajara, Mexico

Success Story

In recent years, Guadalajara has committed to enhancing urban forests and addressing the impacts of climate change in the city. For example, through the 100 Parks Guadalajara program, the city has revitalized more than 239 parks and public gardens. The public policy Guadalajara, Ciudad Fresca aims to reduce the growing challenges of urban heat, including through a reforestation plan. The plan’s goal is to ensure that there is one tree per inhabitant in the city, with an initial objective of there being one tree for every three inhabitants. The reforestation plan is being implemented in collaboration with the public and aims to build ecological resilience in the city by drawing on the Guadalajara Tree Manual and incorporating native species. The Red de Bosques Urbanos project is designed to preserve urban green spaces and provide free benefits to the city’s inhabitants, including through environmental services, as well as cultural and recreational activities. Lastly, the Agencia Metropolitana de Bosques Urbanos (Metropolitan Agency for Urban Forests) (AMBU) is a unique project in Latin America that is designed to conserve, protect and revitalize green areas located around the capital of Jalisco. These spaces will serve as environmental buffers and as symbols of the enduring coexistence between urban areas and forest ecosystems.