In Barranquilla, reforestation efforts are underway as the city seeks to protect itself against damage from floods, winds and coastal erosion.

“We are working towards transforming Barranquilla into a biodiverse city by saving our mangrove ecosystem, which is of great importance for our country and the planet; if we unite, we will be able to protect our forests.”
—Jaime Pumarejo Heins, Mayor, Barranquilla, Colombia

Success Story

Barranquilla, Colombia recently undertook actions to reforest the area at the inner margin of the sand bar that restricts the northern limit of the Cienaga de Mallorquin, which extends for just over three kilometers. This action follows the guidelines and criteria mentioned in the Guide for the Ecological Restoration of Mangroves in Colombia and is based on recommendations from local communities. The area was selected based on the need to expand the coverage of red mangroves that will stabilize and protect the coastline against strong winds, waves, floods and coastal erosion processes.

The reforestation process was consistent with feedback gathered from the local community and academic experts. Overall, Barraquilla planted 22,100 red mangroves seedlings with a survival rate of 87 percent. This year, the city plans to continue the reforestation process with 40,000 red mangrove seedlings to increase vegetation cover and strengthen coastal protection and stabilization.