Bringing together city representatives with non-profit associations, media, urban planners and sustainability specialists, Cities4Forests leads co-design workshops to advance the sharing of knowledge, projects and insights into how to connect more cities with global forests.

Workshop: Oslo, Norway

Wood Urbanism: the Power of Procurement for Forests

23 May 2019 - 11:00-12:45

Within the framework of the Urban Future Global Conference (UFGC), Cities4Forests organized a workshop called “Wood Urbanism: the Power of Procurement for Global Forests” that brought together city officials from Vancouver (Canada), Kochi (India), Guadalajara (Mexico), Quito (Ecuador), Banja Luca (Bosnia), Breda (Netherlands) and more.

Participants: 23 specialists from city authorities, associations, and media discussing the integration of wood in construction and urban planning. The challenge: how to provide sustainably-sourced materials, such as timber, for buildings in cities?

Workshop: Quito, Ecuador

Leading Global Climate and Forest Action

18 March 2019 - Full-Day

This first Cities4Forests workshop advanced new strategies to link urban action in Ecuador’s capital to the conservation and restoration of forests near and far. Quito, a city of 2.6 million inhabitants, is located at the intersection of the equator and Americas’ continental divide, and is surrounded by the most bio-diverse regions in the world, including massive tracts of Amazon Forest.

Participants: 25 representatives from Quito’s city hall, Ecuador’s national government, and several local NGO partners met to tackle what may be the defining global challenge of our age: urbanization-meets-deforestation-meets-climate change.