Patricia Carbonell

Communications Manager, REVOLVE

Patricia is a Cities4Forests Communications Manager at REVOLVE. She is the focal point for the cities of Dublin, Greater Manchester, and Antalya. Based in Barcelona, she leads Mediterranean projects at REVOLVE. She leads the AMWAJ initiative bringing together journalists and researcher from the Mediterranean region to improve their scientific reporting and communication skills while promoting sustainable water and energy practices and influencing policymaking.

Patricia grew up in Valencia, Spain and developed her career in London where she worked as marketing manager to accelerate the energy transition towards renewables in MENA and African countries. Patricia holds an MA in Media, Communications and Critical Practica from London College of Communication (LCC) with her thesis being focused on climate change and media.

She has vast experience creating public information campaigns, managing media relations, producing and promoting industry events, curating art exhibitions and managing R+D+I projects. These background enables her to have a good vision for stakeholder engagement and to maintain meaningful relationships with media, thought leaders and influencers.

When Patricia is not on a project, she is likely found walking into the woods, dancing or traveling around the world.