Ignacio Bernabe

Mexico Researcher, WRI Mexico

Ignacio is a Water and Green Infrastructure Analyst with Cities4Forests and WRI Mexico. He is responsible for supporting and monitoring projects in the area, organization and logistics, and research on the regulatory framework and urban development planning, with a focus on the development of green infrastructure and water management projects.

He served as Legislative Advisor and Technical Secretary of the Urban Development Commission in the Legislative Assembly of Mexico City, during the VII Legislature (2015-2018). He has also participated as a consultant in several projects for the conservation of urban cultural heritage, and for updating Urban Development Programs in Mexico.

He is an Urban Planner from the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), and has a Diploma in Geospatial Information Analysis from CentroGeo (CONACYT) and another in Socio-Legal Studies of Urban Land from UNAM and the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy.