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Antalya's natural wonders

East of Antalya, the Düden River flows from the magnificent Taurus Mountains down to the Mediterranean Sea. Pomponius Mela, the earliest Roman geographer, gave its ancient name as Katarraktes because the river drops […]

Nature in the Urban Century: Cities Can Offer Solutions for Biodiversity Loss – If We Act Now

This century will be remembered as the urban century. Our generation will witness the most significant urban growth in human history. By 2050, there will be 2.4 […]

The World Lost a Belgium-sized Area of Primary Rainforests Last Year

The tropics lost 12 million hectares of tree cover in 2018, the fourth-highest annual loss since record-keeping began in 2001. Of greatest concern is the disappearance of […]

45 Cities Pursue a New Urban Strategy: Protecting Forests Near and Far

Most people don’t associate cities with trees, but urban areas are actually dependent on healthy forests. Trees within cities reduce heat, provide spaces for recreatifon and socialization, […]

Wood as prime building material. What are the benefits?

Wood is becoming the global building material for innovative urban construction. Dozens of cities, like Toronto, London, Vienna, Vancouver, Tokyo and Lagos, are proposing, and building radical […]

From the industrial revolution to the green revolution

Manchester was a leading city of the industrial revolution, acquiring the nickname of Cottonopolis due to its important textile manufacturing industry. Many migrated to the city eager to find […]

Rediscovering the lost puma in Primavera Forest

Portland’s reputation as a bike-friendly city was enhanced by The Yellow Bike Project, a civic engagement action that in 1994 distributed 100 bicycles along downtown sidewalks with a […]

The majestic volcano seen from Seattle

Mount Rainier, an active volcano of 4,392 meters, stands as an icon of the Washington landscape. On August 8, 1888, the famous conservationist John Muir, known as the […]

A river runs through Detroit

Rapid expansion in Detroit over the last century has meant high levels of pollution for the city’s river. The situation was so critical at one point that fish […]