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Presenting curiosities about nature and interesting facets about our cities, with an emphasis on the fundamental role forests play in protecting our planet. This series also includes summaries of our events, workshops and activities. While we advance a thematic approach to our coverage, we recognize there is overlap in the relation between climate resilience, water resources, biodiversity enhancement and better health.

The majestic volcano seen from Seattle

Mount Rainier, an active volcano of 4,392 meters, stands as an icon of the Washington landscape. On August 8, 1888, the famous conservationist John Muir, known as the Father of the National Parks, reached the summit after almost [...]

A river runs through Detroit

Rapid expansion in Detroit over the last century has meant high levels of pollution for the city’s river. The situation was so critical at one point that fish could not survive in the waters and migrating birds would die because of a [...]

The Andean bear: An emblem of Quito

A few years ago, a three-month-old orphaned bear cub in poor health, was rescued in the subtropical forests of Quito, Ecuador. The cub was transferred to a zoo and baptized as Yumbo, in honor of the ancestral culture of this region [...]

Toronto: Where the trees meet the water

Did you know that ‘Toronto’ the name of the city comes from the Mohawk word “tkaronto”, which means “where there are trees standing in the water”? Why you ask, because ‘The Narrows’, a channel of water through which [...]

Anne Frank’s chestnut tree of hope lives on

For the two years that Anne Frank remained in The Annexe, the building where she and her family were hiding from the Nazis in Amsterdam, her only contact with the outside world was an old chestnut tree that she could see from a window [...]

The sacred trees of Dublin

According to the Annals of Inisfallen, Caill Tomair, a sacred wood dedicated to the North Germanic god Thor, was cut down under the orders of the Irish king Brian Boru when he conquered the Norse-Gaelic city of Dublin in the year [...]

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