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Forests Simply Provide Better Health

72% of Europeans live in a city or urban area. Bettering the quality of life, forests have huge value in the urban environment. Everyone has a favourite […]

The Cities4Forests Toolbox: Connecting Cities with Tools to Understand and Manage Forests

Mérida, a city in Mexico’s lush Yucatán Peninsula, is home to 2.3 million trees, which cover over 20 percent of the metropolitan area. Merida’s officials know that […]

From Mangroves to Tin Roofs: Fiji Uses Built and Natural Infrastructure for Climate Adaptation

The sea around Lautoka City, Fiji’s second-largest urban area, is rising 6 millimeters per year. The people of Taiperia Village, an informal settlement on the city’s outskirts, […]

A 5-Step Plan to Protect and Restore Indonesia's Forests

A version of this post originally appeared at Jakarta Post. The most recent global survey of tree cover released by Global Forest Watch revealed a worrying panorama: The world […]

Friday Fun: How 2 Urban Communities Are Protecting Their Trees

As they rapidly develop, many cities around the globe continue to clear urban forests for grey infrastructure. Indeed, roads, buildings and other parts of the built-environment are […]

Bridging the Gap Between Climate Adaptation and Equity: TheCityFix Labs Mexico

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s latest report on the prospects for staying under 1.5 degrees of warming is a call to action and a warning. The world […]

Forests and Wetlands Are Water Infrastructure. New Green Bond Helps Finance Their Protection

East Africa’s Kariba Dam is almost empty due to diminishing rains. In Brazil, Sao Paulo’s reservoirs were reduced to dried mud three years ago, and experts say the city is heading toward another […]

We're Grossly Underestimating the World's Water Access Crisis

In Cape Town, South Africa, and Chennai, India, “Day Zero” events where cities run out of water have drawn global media attention. But while these catastrophes seem like rare, […]

4 Emerging Concepts that Could Transform Cities

Big ideas can forever alter the fate of cities when they are written into cement, steel and stone. When St. Petersburg, Russia was created in 1703 by […]