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House Gecko, the urban bug killer

Geckos are tropical and subtropical lizards. Some of them have adapted to live in urban areas where they can find relatively warm microhabitats in man-made structures. These geckos can be find on the walls of buildings, that is why are known as “house geckos”. During the day, they often take shelter around structures in crack and crevices, but when the sun goes down, they go out to hunt looking for artificial lights which attract a great variety of appetizing insects, such as moths, mosquitos or cockroaches. To catch them geckos have mastered their abilities to climb: their sticky toes allow them to walk up vertical walls, slick tile, glass and even hang upside down on ceilings. The bright hunting grounds and their climbing abilities provide an endless smorgasbord of food for them in the cities. It is said that geckos can help to keep insect populations down inside a house. Is there a better housemate?

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