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22 APRIL – 15 JUNE 2020

At the start of a new decade – the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration – our collective challenge as humanity is more obvious than ever before: how to live in greater harmony with nature.

Post an image with your friends, family, or colleagues with forests and trees.
Join the photo contest and reconnect with nature – try to catch some bees!

Share your photo via a public post on Instagram
or Facebook or via the online form

1 post = 1 tree

Together with Reforest’Action, Cities4Forests commits to planting up to 2,000 trees in Northern Sumatra, IndonesiaMany mangroves are replaced by palm oil trees, unable to protect the coast from strong waves. We will contribute to planting five species of mangroves in this location to restore local biodiversity and to protect the coastlines from flooding and the rising sea levels.

Reforestation of mangroves in Northern Sumatra – essential to protect the people and the village from flooding. Photo: Reforest’Action.


This award will be evaluated by an international jury of experienced photographers, communicators or designers. (Meet the jury soon!)


$250 USD

Evaluation Criteria

This award will be evaluated on the aesthetic quality of the image and the relevance of the shot in capturing the value of forests.


The city that contributes the most posts will win the Cities4Forests Special Communication Support in developing a local campaign.


Cities4Forests Special Communication Support.

Evaluation Criteria

This award is restricted to the Cities4Forests network and all posts must include: #ForestChallenge + Tag Location.
May the city with the most posts win!


This prize goes to the image that collects the most likes, shares, comments. Time to reconnect with nature!


$250 USD

Evaluation Criteria

Trolling and paid promotions of individual posts are disqualified. Only original and authentic posts will be accepted for the challenge. See our Terms & Conditions.

All photos need to be submitted via a public post on Instagram or Facebook
or the online form between 22 April and 15 June 2020.

For more information, please see the Terms and Conditions.


Share a photo of people with trees or forests at your home, in or nearby your city.


Focus on the human element of our relationship with trees and forests.


Follow us on Instagram and Facebook.
Please use #ForestChallenge!


Participants must add the location.


Tag @cities4forests and friends that love nature.


Participants can share stories in their own language.


Add a caption telling us your story as a powerful way to inspire others.


Minimum 18 years old.

*If Instagram or Facebook is not available you can submit your photo via with the subject line: Forest Challenge



On the UN Earth Day (#Earthday), we launch the Forest Challenge via our network around the world.



The campaign runs through UN World Environment Day on 5 June (#ForNature) for nearly 2 months. Any photos submitted after this date will not be considered for the awards.



On the UN International Day of Tropics, we announce the amount of trees planted in a tropical forest and the 3 awards.

Cities4Forests collaborates with the following organizations to advance forest-related climate action.


An international jury composed of professional photographers, designers, and communication and research experts will select the winner of the Best Forest Image Award. The evaluation will be based on a combination of technical merit, aesthetic appeal, and meaningful content. Special attention will be given to the connection between people, cities and forests.


Eliseo G. Gasca is the social marketing coordinator at the World Resources Institute Mexico. His experience covers the development and implementation of communications and influence strategies, branding, visual communication, and marketing for sustainable development projects.


Erika Vilchis is the graphic designer of the World Resources Institute Mexico. She is responsible for the creation of graphic and audiovisual materials for dissemination, and for supervising that the visual guidelines of the institution are used correctly.


Michel Petillo is a Brussels-based freelance fine art and documentary photographer. He started out as a photographer at the Berlin School of Photography in 2009. His documentary work is inspired by current social, political, religious and environmental issues, producing images that fall midway between fine art photography and classic documentary work.


Rajeev Malagi is a Manager with the Urban Development and Accessibility team at WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities. His work focuses on improving public spaces and safe accessibility in cities. Rajeev is an avid photographer and documentary filmmaker and has participated in and won several film-making and urban design competitions.


Reidinar “Dinar” Juliane is a Communications Specialist at WRI Indonesia. She develops and implements communications strategies for WRI Indonesia as an organization as well as for projects in the areas of forests and landscape, climate change, and sustainable development.


Sabin Ray is Research Manager at WRI for Cities4Forests. She leads the WRI team’s global research, helping deliver actionable tools and insights for cities to maximize the benefits from trees and forests for water, air quality, biodiversity, climate, economic development, and more.


Scott Francisco is a Co-founder and director of Cities4Forests, and the Founder and Director of Pilot Projects Design Collective in Montreal and NYC. Scott’s work on the design of urban infrastructure in partnership with forests has led to the formation of numerous international networks such as Wood at Work and The Future of Forest Work and Communities.


Serrah Galos is a photographer based in Rwanda. His mission is to show the beauty of African communities. The art of photography is his voice for telling stories of hope and redemption.

Photos submitted via the form

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Dora Polo Cerna

From: Lima, Peru

Los arboles tienen un ciclo de vida, algunos como el que muestro son longevos; conocer su edad biológica nos ayudaría a saber sus necesidades e impediríamos que muchos de ellos vivan y mueran en soledad […]

Maurice Mwaiyanga

From: Kinshasa, Congo

Préparation de notre action à l’occasion de la journée mondiale de l’environnement.

Jana Thuaud

From: Bangkok, Thailand

In this photo I am making my 100th visit to a mangrove forest, in Krabi, Thailand. Since 1990 I have been chasing mangroves, and they always bring me joy.

Judi Sillifant

From: Windsor, England

This photo was taken on Spring Bank Holiday. It’s on the Long Walk which leads from Windsor castle through Windsor Great Park.

Lola Buades

From: Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm is a special city, thousands of islands protects the city from the Baltic Sea. The Stockholm archipelago has amazing surrounding nature and there are many national parks to escape […]

Pramodh Franklin Wilson

From: Kollam, Kerala, India

I’m going for that perfect picture amidst the woods. I want to break those chains, get out of our comfort zone and live out there, connecting to nature. I have heard the sweetest melodies in the forests […]

Anuj Gupta

From: Hyderabad, India

This is India’s oldest national park – the Jim Corbett National Park. Since the theme of the 2020 World Environment Day is Biodiversity, I wanted to share this photo as we are connecting with nature […]

Usman Shittu

From: Bonny Island, Nigeria

The Finima Nature Park is 1,000 hectares in size and mostly mangrove forest. Part of the park activities are about reforesting the degraded section of the mangroves which is as a result of human activities […]

Nehal Purohit

From: Anand, India

30 trees were planted in an Animal shelter operated by Rescue and Rehabilitation of Stray Animals-Anand on the occasion on completion of three years of Het Foundation.

Ess Sings

From: Doha, Qatar

A beautiful day out under the trees, by the lake ( not visible in the picture) is a simple bliss…

Sithara Mangalath

From: Kanhangad, India

Ranipuram is a a major trekking attraction in the Kasaragod district of the Indian state of Kerala. It is situated 750 m above sea level.
We can find occasional herd of elephants […]

Rohit Suhalka

From: Udaipur, India

Photo was taken at Jim Corbett national park, it was one of the dream to see this forest. Being at forest make me alive.

Kalyani Patake

From: Goa, India

This photograph was clicked at the Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary in Goa, India. A beautiful narrow laterite road with dense tangle of mangroves on both the sides […]

Jean-Louis Button

From: Swansea, United Kingdom

This was when my University society (Swansea University Tree Society) planted 800 trees on a hill recently devastated by an arson attack!

Arulkumar D

From: Tiruvannamalai, India

Archdeacon Garen Yosoulkanian

From: Bekaa Valley, Lebanon

Caring Plants and Picking berries after nature benediction liturgy. Archdeacon Garen after summer orbi for lands, harvested first fruits from the tree and gave to all his friends.

Saif Shahrukh

From: Dhaka, Bangladesh

The Sundarbans mangrove forest, one of the largest such forests in the world (140,000 ha), lies on the delta of the Ganges, Brahmaputra and Meghna rivers on the Bay of Bengal […]

Fai Cassian

From: Nkambe, Cameroon

Youth participation in tree planting is primordial in greening the cities. This photo was taken on April 22, 2020 as we launch this year’s tree planting season. The groves of trees we planted […]

Mirko Matović

From: Montenegro

Andry Rasamuel

From: Antananarivo, Madagascar

The desire of these children to green the planet.

Eliana Valderrama

From: Boyacá, Colombia

En mi alma está el poder de amar mi planeta, de descubrir cada rincón de él, en mis manos el poder de preservarlo.

Lidia Varela

From: Arcos de la Frontera, Spain

Erzsébet Antalfi-Farkas

From: Budapest, Hungary

I am sending my entry for the #ForestChallenge.

Eliana Valderrama

From: Boyacá, Colombia

En mi alma está el poder de amar mi planeta, de descubrir cada rincón de él, en mis manos el poder de preservarlo.

Rani Prihatmanti

From: Penang, Malaysia

Hold on tightttt……

Photos posted on Instagram

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One shot surrounded by nature, in a beautiful park near our house. In this period of distancing, nature is more than ever our refuge, our home, our ...
"Osànyìn, indique-nos as folhas que ajudam na aquisição da capacidade de meditar, para que caminhemos rumo ao estágio de sublimação e, assim, os mistérios das folhas (e ...
A walk through the Belgian countryside is the best respite and recharge for the start of a new month. #ForestChallenge #Cities4Forests Are you in touch with nature?! ...
#PorLaNaturaleza "Para cuidar de nosotros mismos primero debemos cuidar de ella"
• • • • • •
Salvador, Bahia, Brasil - SSA
Maria Alice Silva, Walter Passos e Taísa Ferreira recebem no dia 02/06, às 17h, ...
Maria Alice Silva, Walter Passos e Taísa Ferreira recebem no dia 02/06, às 17h, a Profª Érika Fernandes Pinto para o lançamento do livro Pedra de Nzazi, ...
Pedra de Xangô: um lugar sagrado Afro-Brasileiro na cidade de Salvador.
Vamos consolidar o Parque Pedra de Xangô.
Acesse a Bio do perfil, e contribua com ...
• • • • • •
Salvador, Bahia, Brasil - SSA
Jardins das Folhas Sagradas - Parque Pedra de Xangô. "Apanha folha por folha, Tatamirô
Hey, partners!❤
Done successfully of my #day2
I invite you for 👉 #11hours11dayschallenge
#cfaforest #cfalevel1 #catexampreparation #forestapp #forestchallenge
• • • • • •
Salvador, Bahia, Brazil
Jardins das Folhas Sagradas - Parque Pedra de Xangô. "Apanha folha por folha, Tatamirô
Apanha maracanã, ...
Jardins das Folhas Sagradas - Parque Pedra de Xangô. "Apanha folha por folha, Tatamirô
Apanha maracanã, Tatamirô
Eu sou filha de Oxalá, Tatamirô
Menininha me apanhou, Tatamirô!
#forestchallenge #yomalandyangon #yoma_land #goingwildyangon
Vamos consolidar o Parque Pedra de Xangô.
Acesse a Bio do perfil, e contribua com a minuta sobre o Jardim das Folhas Sagradas Parque Pedra de ...
Umbanda Amada recebe no dia 04/06, às 14h, os escritores Maria Alice Silva, Walter Passos e a pedagoga Taisa Ferreira para o lançamento do livro infantojuvenil "Pedra ...
Umbanda Amada recebe no dia 04/06, às 14h, os escritores Maria Alice Silva, Walter Passos e a pedagoga Taisa Ferreira para o lançamento do livro infantojuvenil "Pedra ...
My Cute Lil Sistaa♥️
#photography #photooftheday #photo #love #photographer #instagood #nature #instagram #picoftheday #art #like #travel #photoshoot #follow #fashion #beautiful #naturephotography ...
Taman Suropati, Jakarta, Indonesia. #forestchallenge #tamansuropati #tamankota #jakarta #citypark #shotoniphone #shotoniphone5s #iphonephotography #iphoneography #iphonography #nature #naturephotography #naturelovers #photography
Lestari alam ku lestari Desa ku...
100% ❤ original.
@reforest_action @cities4forests
With #WorldEnvironmentDay coming up on June 5th, the amazing people at @cities4forests are promising to plant one tree in Northern Sumatra, Indonesia for one post from you.

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