Inner Forests Working Group

Tools To Quantify Urban Forest Benefits: iTree

6 August 2019

Participants can learn about the i-Tree Software Suite from experts who helped to create it: Dave Nowak (U.S. Forest Service) and Scott Maco (Davey Tree Expert Company). i-Tree is a collection of peer-reviewed, state-of-the-art software that allows users to understand and quantify the social and environmental benefits that urban forests provide. Developed by a consortium of experts, including the US Forest Service, many of the tools in this collection can be used around the world – and they’re free. The outputs of i-Tree software can assist in planning and decision-making related to urban forests, such as quantifying benefits or conducting a tree inventory or canopy assessment. This webinar will cover an overview of the i-Tree Software Suite, including more in-depth coverage of two powerful tools for cities, i-Tree Eco and i-Tree Canopy; the challenges and opportunities for i-Tree in international settings, and a Q&A with Dave and Scott.



iTree – Presentation by USFS
(8,2Mo – PDF)