SIWI Seminar (2/3): Innovation for Water and Climate (World Water Week)

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SIWI Seminar (2/3): Innovation for Water and Climate (World Water Week)

August 22 @ 9:00 am - 10:30 am

Calm waters with a city in the distance at dusk.
How do we think about innovation in the water sector in a context where water cycles stand disrupted and where many developing countries face multiple challenges? And, what role can cities play in addressing these questions, considering that most of the world is already urban? This is not just a developing or developed country problem, neither is it a big or small city problem. In the context of developing countries, ensuring a just transition and scalable impact must be central to new innovations. Achieving these objectives will require investment in sustainable innovative technologies and practices while supporting the ambition of developing countries and cities to have a stronger technological base that’s globally competitive. Addressing many forms of innovation marginalization by funders is needed to legitimize solutions that provide transitionary service to vulnerable communities and other emerging innovation. This session is particularly interested in understanding how an even innovation landscape can help set the trajectory for new paradigms in water management in the context of urban development in the future. During the session, we will explore technological and policy innovation and the resources needed to scale, implement, and maintain water security and achieve SDG6 targets in cities. Speakers include:
  • Todd Gartner, Director, Cities4Forests & Natural Infrastructure, WRI
  • Rogier van den Berg, Global Director, WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities
  • Amanda Gcanga, South Africa Lead for Urban Water Resilience, WRI
  • Meghan Stromberg, Urban Resilience Project Coordinator, WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities