City Highlights


Ya’axtal, the Green Lungs of Mérida

In 2019 Mérida’s mayor, Renán Barrera Concha, set in motion an environmental initiative called Ya’axtal (“regreen” in Mérida’s local Mayan dialect) to connect the parks and public spaces across […]

Climate Resilience: Dublin Responds With Nature-Based Solutions

The effects of climate change are already significantly impacting Dublin City, and are expected to increase in frequency and intensity in the future. Dublin Bay’s average sea level is rising faster than initially forecasted, and has risen by twice the […]

A Sacred Leaf Garden in Pedra de Xangô

Labelled a protected geological site since 2017, Pedra de Xangô (Xangô Stone) is a natural rock formation near the city of Salvador, in the State of Bahia, […]

Connecting The Dots To Sustainable Land Use

Ligue os Pontos is a project that promotes sustainable land development in São Paulo by strengthening agriculture in the main rural area of the city, in its […]

Rio Branco Lets Graffiti Rule The Streets

Urban culture is important to Rio Branco, since 2007 the city has managed to bring together urban artists in hip-hop, graffiti, break, rap, skate, artistic-cultural-sports and have […]

How trees helped close the flood gates of Kochi

The massive floods in Kerala these last two years are a powerful wakeup call, which have forced us to reckon with several truths:  Extreme weather events like […]

The City of Arborly Love

Philadelphia, coined the City of Brotherly Love, is home to a park system of 10,500 acres of which 5,600 acres are natural lands.  The city is bolstered by a […]

Vienna’s green and free spaces grow

Integrating forests and trees in urban development is a top priority for the city of Vienna. In fact one could say that they have been at the […]

Bringing a Quarry Back to Life

Campinas was once called the ‘Princess of the West’ mainly because it was the productive centre of the region being rich in citrus, coffee and sugarcane plantations.  […]