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Bogotá is Colombia’s capital and largest city, with 7.5 million inhabitants, and is made up of 20 localities in an area of 1775.98 km2, where 75 % is rural territory. It has three main river basins: Fucha, Salitre-Torca, and Tunjuelo, which join the Bogotá River. These basins contain areas of ecological importance and are home to critical local protected areas.

In Bogotá, the Environmental District Secretariat promotes the city’s sustainable development, formulating, promoting, and directing policies, plans, and programs that allow the conservation, protection, and recovery of the environment and natural goods and services. Furthermore, the Secretariat, together with the current mayor’s office, aims to adapt the city to climate change and protect its ecosystems and biodiversity. They hope to work hand in hand with Cities4Forests to reinforce and improve their actions in this area.