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Aguascalientes has prioritized recovering, expanding, and protecting its urban forests to support biodiversity and provide citizens with access to natural green areas. The regional administration has taken a number of steps towards creating a more sustainable city and the surrounding region. First, in 2018 the nearby forest Bosque de los Cobos – a park to the south of the city covering 115 hectares – was made a protected area. Likewise, the inner forest La Pona Park was expanded by over 11 hectares, also becoming a protected area. Aguascalientes is also creating an urban development plan that includes planting over 400,000 trees, developing parks along its San Pedro river, including sustainability criteria for future urban development.

These actions are also supporting native species, providing space for biodiversity within the city’s parks so that these areas can continue to thrive and be enjoyed by all. Aguascalientes plans to work closely with Cities4Forests to ensure that its plans to protect its urban forests remain strong into the future.

The Mayor of Aguascalientes, Tere Jiménez, has made caring for the environment a priority of her administration. The administration is proud to be planting trees throughout the city, promoting environmental education policies, and protecting additional green areas. Read more about some of this administration’s recent accomplishments here and here.

Tere Jiménez

Mayor of Aguascalientes


There are over 160 public parks and gardens within the city of Aguascalientes, helping improve the quality of life for the city’s residents by providing them with spaces to interact with nature and enjoy sports and recreational activities. These inner forests are important tools to combat environmental issues by improving air quality and regulating temperatures within the city.


Aguascalientes is surrounded by a number of nearby forests that provide benefits to the municipality and its citizens, including Cerro del Muerto, Sierra Fría, Cerro de los Gallos, Sierra del Laurel, El Sabinal, and Cerro Juan Grande. The municipality of Aguascalientes recognizes the importance of these forests in giving its residents access to nature, acting as sources of ecotourism, and creating natural boundaries that prevent urban sprawl.